A Nice Place to Live



Earth is a place many of us probably take for granted and yet we shouldn’t.  As complex as our planet is, consider for a moment a few things about this place we call home.

The earth is located at a precise location in our universe for life to thrive.  Any closer to the Sun and we would burn up.   If we were further from the Sun we would freeze.

The earth is tilted just right so that at various times of year (seasons) weather patterns develop to aid in life support.  Weather patterns around the planet provide water for our crops and deliver necessary water to humans, plants, animals and other living things.  In the winter season, weather systems deliver cool air bringing snow which makes cold weather recreation possible.  And in summer, the air is generally warm allowing for enjoyable outside beach side activities and barbecues.  




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dvd: The privileged planet
Image credit: Public domain



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