Music Maker

piano_prp piano_rd piano_bw


The piano is a musical device that can come in different shapes, sizes and sometimes even colors.   Some devices have been designed to utilize electricity and create music electronically. These electronic pianos or keyboards can also be used in conjunction with a computer.

Nevertheless, the piano has many keys that when tapped or pushed,  create sound that can be heard as it exits the instrument.  The keys on a piano or keyboard are color-coded either black or white and represent the first seven letters of the alphabet.

When the keys are played together and individually, chords and music can be created which can then be used to create songs on a page.  Generally a bench or chair accompanies the piano allowing the user or pianist to sit comfortably while playing the instrument. This eliminates the need for the standing piano player!  In fact, foot pedals which can change the way the sound is heard are placed near the floor for easier access while playing a piano.





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