Dirt, Debris and Dander



     If you have ever used a vacuum cleaner you know it has the amazing ability of grabbing dirt, debris and dander and putting it into a temporary holding chamber already on board.  Some vacuum cleaners are even equipped to pick up wet materials.  The holding chamber within the machine holds the debris until the user of the vacuum cleaner is ready to dispose of it (aka empty it).   And imagine if there wasn’t a holding chamber or bag to collect the debris and dander?    You and I both know that stuff has got to go somewhere!   Hooray for the collecting chamber!

     The vacuum cleaner uses suction technology powered by electricity to allow it to perform its marvelous work.  The vacuum cleaner comes complete with a handle for ease of use and a hose for reaching dust in dusty corners or to suck up shredded carpet pieces provided with love by the Furry Poozy.

     Often a vacuum machine comes complete with additional devices for aiding in our clean up— commonly referred to as attachments.    These attachments can range from super-duper-hair-cleaner-upper, longer extension dust-getter, extra hose piece, a brush or two, and sometimes various types of attachments to fit the floor you are cleaning.

Imagine life without the vacuum cleaner.

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