Too Hot to Handle

mug_turnsm_blu mug_turnsm_hue mug_ylw mug_turnsm mug_blkwht


What’s so special about these mugs?  Their different colors?  (Not really, but thanks Photoshop for the help.)

So what IS special you ask?  The mugs have handles.   The handle on the mug keeps one’s fingers away from the hot cup and away from the hot liquid on the inside.  The handle on the mug also makes holding it a more secure experience.   Without the handle you would be forced to wrap your fingers or hand around the entire cup like you would to hold a glass.  If your handle-less cup contains freshly made hot coffee or cocoa then I say Ouch!

 For this, I think handles are a great idea for saving fingers and holding mugs, hot or cold.


Mug – By Clear Design Series

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